Student Ambassadors

Any student who consistently models the very highest personal expectations and everything that is good about Hurlingham & Chelsea is awarded Student Ambassador status. In order to become a student ambassador students MUST consistently:

  • Be smart and presentable in full school uniform at all times;
  • Attend school every day on time;
  • Work hard and do their very best;
  • Engage fully in all aspects of school life;
  • Demonstrate a very positive attitude and all times;
  • Show respect and gets respect from others for ‘doing the right thing’.

All teaching staff meet in tutor teams to review the active list of Ambassadors each half-term. Nominations are considered at subsequent leadership team meetings to be ratified. Ambassador status is removed if students no longer meet our strict criteria. Parents are informed that if their child has gained, retained or had the status removed via one of three standard letters.

Student Ambassadors are called upon to represent the school in a variety of ways, such as showing visitors around the school, attending functions to represent the school or to act as mentors to younger students.

Student Ambassadors can be identified by their ties which are presented at whole school assemblies scheduled for this purpose. The current active student ambassador list is accurately maintained by The Director of Student Services at all times.

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